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The institute has state of the art infrastructure, facilities and trained manpower to conduct
  • Initial and periodic medical examinations and Health surveillances per Mines Rules, 1955 and as per recommendation of 10th Conference on Safety in Mines.

  • Personal exposure assessment studies for noise, dust, vibration, heat stress, ventilation & humidity recommended by Safety Conferences.

  • Work environment evaluation for dust, noise, vibration, presence of toxicants, etc as required under MMR 1961/CMR 1957.

  • Audiometry, whole body vibration study, computerized vision screening of workers to detect NIHL, Raynaudís Syndrome, Nystagmus etc.

  • Evaluation of Mining Machineries for vibration, noise, dust emission etc.

  • Ergonomic assessment of Mining Machinery as per ISO Standard.

  • Training of airborne dust survey in-charge as per DGMS Circular.

  • Health awareness and promotion programme on occupational health issues.

  • Interpretation of chest radiograph for pneumoconiosis as per ILO classification.

  • Estimation of free silica content in respirable dust using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

  • Contract research for finding solutions and identifying gap areas related to health of workers.

  • Training programme on periodic medical examination for medical officers in using ILO classification 2000.


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