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The present library of institute provides support to research and development activities in the field of occupational health, hygiene, safety and clinical work of biomedical professionals from institute and also to professionals from outside.
Main objective of this library is to provide an efficient innovative library and information services related to mining sector, along with latest advancement in the field to the occupational medicine, occupational hygiene, ergonomics and allied sciences.

General Information: The library is organized into following functional ways:

  1. Book Acquisition

  2. Periodical Subscription

  3. Technical Processing of Documents

  4. Documentation and Reference services

  5. Internet based services

  6. Photocopying services

  7. Binding Section

Library Collection: Library collection is one of the most important basic resources upon which the utility of library depends. Library provides collection of books, journals related to occupational health, hygiene, medicine and environment. At present NIMH library lays number of books including ILO Encyclopaedia, Laws books on Mines and Minerals, Mineral Year book, DGMS Circulars, Complete Set of Patty’s Toxicology, Clinical Biochemistry etc. The library has in-house project reports, collection of scientific journals, and news letters. The scientists of NIMH have the full access to the Information data base and CD resource from National Publications. Project oriented information is easily accessible to the scientific staff through extensive search of scientific literature, journals, published articles. Latest information on scientific research can be accused through well established internet on facility available in the library. Information pertaining to NIMH research in field of occupational health and hygiene, radiology, respiratory physiology, ergonomics and work physiology, pathology, toxicology and biochemistry, Standard methodologies on occupational hazards prevailing in mine such as dust, noise, vibration, and other composite documents for estimating heavy toxic metals such as manganese, lead, zinc, copper, etc are available in the library. Besides this library has rich collection of published papers in different journals, thesis and other meticulous documents.

Library Services: Rules:
Lending of Books: Main service of the library is issuing books to the library members for reading for a maximum period of 14 days. The books may be renewed further for another 14 days if applied. Books may be renewed for maximum of three times. Number renewal will be restricted if other member has reserved the same book. Books are to be returned on or before due date marked. Returning of books will be closed 15 minutes before the closing time of the library. Before leaving the issue counter the member shall satisfy himself/herself, whether the book is in good condition, if there is any defect or damage in the books the borrower shall bring to the notice of the person issuing book at the counter immediately, otherwise she/he will be held responsible for the replacement of the book. In case the book is lost by the member h/she shall pay the cost of the book plus fine levied by the competent authority. Users are responsible for complying with the copyright act while photocopying library document. Access to the library is open to staff of NIMH (Working hours 10 am to 5.45 pm) Saturday and Sunday is closed.
Outside visitors will have to record their name, address and time of arrival and put their signature in the library register for accessing the books after taking permission from the competent authority.

Reference Services: Reference service is assisting the readers to find the information and to use the library resources in an effective manner. A reference service section helps the reader in locating the library material. This section has all kind of reference materials including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories, catalogs etc. Every year new reference tools are added to the reference section.

Library Modernization: The Library will be shortly implementing open source library management software to expedite automation of in-house activities. Online access catalogs for bibliographical information of books and publications will be made available through the internet.

Holiday Schedules: The library service will be closed on all Central Govt Gazetted Holidays including Saturdays and Sundays

Ask a Librarian: We will respond to your Question within 2 -3 working days.


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